Bring a new unwrapped toy upon entrance to the event and get a raffle ticket to win a ride in the two seat dragster(pictured to left)!! Each additional ticket is $10 each with all money going to the T4T Foundation.  Lets fill the back of our santa truck up!!

 @ Thunder Road Raceway in Gilliam, La.
Visit their web site for more info on the track, location and other events at

Test and Tune November 6th starting at 5PM $20 to race/$10 spectate
Race Day November 7th starting with TNT for all cars at 9AM. Full schedule with pay outs to be announced in the coming weeks.

Hotel information will be posted soon as well!

For sponsor info please contact Tance Simolke ( or Wade Rhodes ( for our levels of sponsorship.

This event is held to bring all LSX MONSTERS to one place once a year to battle it out for the fastest monsters around. We have multiple classes this year. Pro Street, Real Street, Open Bracket Racing, Trucks/Suv Bracket Race and Grudge. There is a class for everyone. slow or fast its anyone's chance for a win in one of the many classes.

This race is for GM POWERED VEHICLES ONLY NOT LIMITED TO JUST LS. It can be any make vehicle as long as its GM powered with any gm motor. We will allow other makes to grudge race. Refer to rules below.



Spectator - $15(12 and under free)

ULTRA STREET- Preregister $125, Race Day $150

Winner $3,000/Runner Up $1000/Semi $150

REAL STREET- Preregister $75, Race Day $100

Winner $2,000/Runner Up $750/Semi $100

HEAVY HITTERS- Preregister $50, Race Day $75

Winner $1,000/Runner Up $500/Semi $75


Entry $50  Winner $500/Runner Up $100

Semi $50




Ultra Street:

*16 CAR MINIMUM!!!!*
- .400 pro tree

- 1/4 mile heads up
- Required to show time
- 2 door minimum
- All required safety items
Helmet/harness/cage/fr clothing

- Weight Limit


- Tires 

 Naturally Aspirated/Nitrous Cars - no wider nor taller than 28 x 10.5 non W slick or 28 x 12.50 ET Street or any 275 radial
  BOOSTED Applications - limited to a P275/60-15 Mickey Thompson Tire. Wheel width is limited to 12"

- Fuel
Any fuel allowed

- Body

All cars must retain a factory body or factory replacement panels including bumpers, hood, fenders deck lid, roof, doors.

spoilers are allowed, cowl hoods are limited to no higher than half way up the windshield.

- Engine/poweradder

 Open rule

Real Street:
- .400 pro tree
- 1/4 mile heads up
- Required to show time

- Forced Induction

NO in car mounted intercoolers, all boosted setups will require engine bay or front nose mounted coolers only no matter if its air to air or air to water. No rule on where water tanks are mounted.
- Registered/license plate/insurance(working head lights and tail lights)
- Tires

 DOT Grooved tires only/no slicks period
- Exhaust

Mufflers required on all cars with the exception of turbo cars, the exhaust exits can be anywhere as long as non turbo cars have a muffler/s of some type.
- Interior

Interior(carpet, 2 seats, complete dash and sheet metal dash is exceptable) We expect to see some sort of full dash with gauges, not a gutted race car with just a race pack.

- Cooling System

All cars must have a full factory or aftermarket replacement radiator.

- LEXAN RULE: If you have a factory replaced glass with lexan this will be legal. All windows shall be operational not permanently sealed, which means at the end of the day if you cant roll the window down it will not pass inspection. Front and rear windshields can be lexan.
- Cage not required due to street car class, street cars are not expected to be fully caged.
- Safety required- helmet 13.99 or faster, fire retardant jacket if faster than 9.99, seat belt/harness, no shorts pants only.
- Parachute: it is ok to have one on your car BUT can not be opened at any point, opening chute will result in disqualification even if used to control car under skid There is plenty of shut down on the big end.
- No wheelie bars

- Fuels -  any pump or race gas also including E-85 and E-98. NO cars will be allowed to run 100% off of nitro or methonal.
Methonal injection is allowed via a secondary injection system not including primary fuel system.

Run What You Brung Bracket Race:
- 1/4 mile
- Required to show time
- 2 door minimum
- Any car running any time allowed.
- Helmet required if 13.99 or faster, fire retardant jacket if 9.99 or faster, pants no shorts

Heavy Hitters:
- Heads up
- 1/4 mile
- Required to show time
- 4000lbs/w driver or heavier
- Helmet required if 13.99 or faster, fire retardant jacket if 9.99 or faster, pants only no shorts
- Fuels-  Race and pump gas only including E-85 and E-98. no 100% methanol injection nor nitro. Methonal injection is allowed when injected via a second system separate of the primary fuel system.

Grudge Racing:
- 1/4 mile or 1/8th

- GRUDGE RACING ONLY we will allow any make or model to compete in a grudge race.
- Safety rules apply at minimum: Helmet 13.99 or faster, Fire retardant top 9.99 or faster
- All cars grudge racing will have time to tnt during the tnt time 9am-11am and between elimination rounds during intermission. All grudge races will be lined up to run one after another at the end of the event so that multiple races can be run in case of a rematch. If a grudge race is setup to run with cars that want to race in the classes but don't want to show times before the grudge race we will let you knock out your grudge race early. But all cars running in a class race no matter what are required to show times.

TNT- Test and Tune is an option and will be run randomly during the event but priority is to get the class cars run, this will be the best time for grudge cars who rather not run a class to not show time to make passes.